M. C. Escher

Recently visited the M. C. Escher exhibit in Industry City in Brooklyn, was deeply inspired, then walked through the gift shop and decided not to buy the print album of his work (I felt so strong, but the deep regret set in quickly), but then on a trip to Vermont last week I found an album of his work for sale at a beautiful old library, for three dollars, bought the book and felt that the hole in my heart from that day at the exhibit was filled and I could proceed fulfilling my destiny as a designer.

All jokes aside, M. C. Escher’s work is not only outstandingly mathematical and hypnotic, but it is also mostly wood block and lithographic prints, which was a huge discovery for me. That gives so much more depth and perspective to his work. A true genius and inspiration he is, so today’s post is one of his more spooky pieces. Getting into the Halloween spirit I am indeed.


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