Classifieds: Scatterbrain Seeking a Secure Simplicity.

Hello, I am Scatterbrain.
I deeply enjoy being an explosive mass of thoughts and feelings, moving to a state of higher entropy like it’s my job.
I think it is my job.
It gives my human anxiety, but it’s thrilling and frankly, uncontrollable.
I mean, you also can’t blame me for being built with no shelving included.
It also seems the IKEA manual got lost in the move from childhood musings to consciousness.
The human keeps asking me where it is, but I wouldn’t know…
You try finding something with no shelves to put things on.
Don’t tell the human, but I’m in search of a stable and secure partner, and I’m looking at you, simplicity.
I am undeniably attracted to your clean lines, your edges, your clarity of voice.
You’ve mastered the minimal, the lack of content – you wrap it in your delicate arms and give it shelter.
Can you do that for me? Envelop what is my unclear existence in a warm and illuminating embrace?
I think it will make my human happy.
If you’re feeling bold, give me a shout.
If not, I’ll keep my eye out for you.
Until then,

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